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Office · Principal
njready [at]

Office · Principal
tcribari [at]

Office · Dean of Students
pviramontes [at]

Office · Attendance
ckoerner [at]

Office · Registrar
bsolis [at]

Office · School Secretary
mvaline [at]

GAlapizcoislas [at]

B4 · Teacher Science
Website  falexander [at]

Boys Locker Rm. · Teacher Physical Education
CBolt [at]

B5 · Teacher Math
ABrasil [at]

C6 · Classroom Teacher - Life Science
MCarney [at]

C2 · Insructional Assistant - Special Education
JCiprian [at]

C13 · The Crew Recreation Leader
JCleveland [at]

C14 · Teacher Art
Website  KCordero [at]

C9 · Ed Associate Sp Ed
KDean [at]

Kitchen · Child Nutrition Assistant
SFaulkner [at]

RSP Educational Associate
AFuria [at]

B6 · Teacher Math
Website  PGarcia [at]

LGulamerian [at]

Classroom Tchr - Seventh Core
ahamilton [at]

B9 · Teacher English
Website  thughes [at]

Intervention Teacher
liannucci [at]

Media Center · Speech/Language Pathologist
BJones [at]

Stage · Classroom Teacher - Band/music
KGoggans [at]

C13 · Crew Leader
NLescano [at]

C House · After School Director
tmarcoida [at]

YMarquez [at]

C12 · Teacher English
Website  MNaeole-takasato [at]

Child Nutrition Assistant
LOrtega [at]

Girls Locker Rm · Classroom Tchr - Physical Ed
TParrott [at]

C11 · Classroom Teacher - Social Science 7
JPerry [at]

B1 · Teacher English
Website  kpiramoon [at]

Library · Information Resource Technician
Website  SRichards [at]

C2 · Teacher SDC
IRomero [at]

C1 · Ed Associate Spec Ed - 1:1
csnelham [at]

C1 · Resource Specialist
sspencer [at]

B3 · 8th Grade Science & MESA
RTimpson [at]

SDC Educational Associate
JUribe [at]

C10 · 8th Grade Core English Language Arts and Social Studies
VValdez [at]

C3 · Spanish & Avid
pvelazquez [at]

Boys Locker Rm · Classroom Tchr - Physical Ed
TrWilliams [at]