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Updated: Aug 10 2016 - 10:24am

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! We’re ready to begin a new year of learning and growing. Our staff has prepared several innovative programs to enrich students' educational experience and keep them engaged in learning. We’ve also provided some links to help you and your student start the school year right. 

Updated: Aug 9 2016 - 10:53am

Parents and students new to CMS are invited to a short orientation on Monday, August 22nd at 12:30 PM.  Please meet in the school office.  Schedules pick-up is the same day, 8th grade at 1 PM and 7th grade at 2 PM.  Make sure you bring your green District Emergency Contact form reviewed and signed by parent/guardian.  PE Clothes will be available for purchase, shorts and t'shirts $10 per piece.  We're ready for you!

Updated: Aug 17 2016 - 5:35pm

Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be held on Monday, August 22nd.  8th grade will be first at 1 PM, then 7th grade at 2 PM and 5th/6th grade at 3 PM.  Make sure you have your green  District Emergency Contact form reviewed and signed by parent/guardian.  You may also bring your District Parent Handbook blue pages signed. PE Clothes will be available for purchase.  Shorts and t'shirts are $10 a piece. 

We're ready for you!

Updated: Aug 9 2016 - 10:58am

Will be held on Wednesday, August 17th from 8:15 AM to 12:15 PM in the CMS Gym.  Students will meet the CMS WEB Leaders (7th and 8th grade student leaders), participate in team building activities with peers, tour the school, and meet several staff members and administrators.  They will be served lunch at 11:45 AM.

Parents and guardians are invited to an informational session that will begin at 8:30 AM in the B Quad. Teachers and administrators will share information about curriculum and our school wide goals. 

Students should dress comfortably and leave backpacks at home.  We're ready for you!

Updated: Aug 10 2016 - 9:55am

CUSD Preschool is proud to announce a new tuition-based, year-round, full-day Infant and Toddler program, for children ages 3-36 months.  It is located at Rosemary School’s Family Learning Center.

This new program expands our variety of early education offerings at each CUSD elementary school.  

Our district-operated preschools serve children from 3 months to 5 years old with full-day and half-day programs.

For more information, to schedule a tour, or to register please call 341-7054 or visit our website

Updated: Aug 10 2016 - 9:53am

If you are seeking busing for your child in the 2016-2017 school year, please note the following information. 

At the start of every school year, new applications and documents are needed to ensure that your child receives transportation to and from school. No student will be allowed to board any bus without a picture-verified, district-issued bus pass. This pass will ensure the continued safety of your child while riding our buses, as well as ensure that students are dropped off at the correct locations both in the morning and afternoon.
Applications and the dates and locations for submitting them are available by calling 408-364-4200, or online at
Updated: Jul 27 2016 - 12:20pm

Attention Parents/ 7th graders:

By law, all students entering 7th grade are required to have proof of the following immunizations:Whooping Cough booster (called Tdap)and 2 doses of the Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine (MMR).

Please provide proof of these vaccinations as soon as possible. You can do this by fax 408-341-7150, email at bbarros [at] or bring proof to the school office. Students will not be allowed to attend school in August 2016 without proof.

Por la ley, todos los estudiantes en 7 º grado se requiere prueba de las siguientes vacunas: refuerzo de tos ferina (llamada Tdap) y 2 dosis de sarampión, las paperas, vacuna contra la rubéola (MMR).

Por favor acreditar estas vacunas ahora. Puede hacerlo por fax 408-341-7150, al correo electronico a bbarros [at] o poner a prueba a la oficina de Campbell Middle. Los alumnos no podrán asistir a la escuela en Agosto de 2016 sin prueba.

Updated: Jun 30 2016 - 4:22pm

Tue., July 12th, 6:30–7:30 pm

Campbell Union School District administrators will provide information about improvements at schools, including new outdoor signs. Monroe Middle School - PLC Bldg., 1055 S. Monroe St., San Jose, CA

Updated: Jun 29 2016 - 7:06pm

The latest issue of Campbell Union School District's Board Meeting News is now online via the e-flyer link on your news page.

The issue includes an update on the reorganization proposed for Campbell Middle School and several other regular agenda items. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the reorganization are also available on the District’s website at

Updated: Jun 23 2016 - 6:46pm

Please note that a change on the 2016-17 school year calendar will affect family schedules. The shorter school days set aside for Parent-Teacher Conferences were moved to Oct. 31 through Nov. 4. To see the updated calendar, go to


Bell Schedule

  • Period 1 8:30–9:27
  • Period 2 9:31–10:25
  • Break 10:25–10:36
  • Period 3 10:39–11:33
  • Period 4 11:37–12:31
  • Lunch 12:31–1:05
  • Period 5 1:09–2:04
  • Period 6 2:08–3:02
  • Period 1 8:30–9:16
  • Period 2 9:20–10:04
  • Break 10:04–10:15
  • Period 3 10:18–11:02
  • Period 4 11:06–11:50
  • Lunch 11:50–12:24
  • Period 5 12:28–1:12
  • Period 6 1:16–2:00

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